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1.Liquidation from USA,Europe,Japan big records
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3.Parts of items are with original Label,welcome to ask samples only need to pay shipping fees.
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2007-06-13    5000 pcs of OJC jazz CDs

2007-06-12    500 pcs of brand new Schindler s List - Collector s Widescreen Gift Set

2007-06-12    1000 pcs of brand new boxed set E.T.

2007-06-11    6000 pcs of DM record 50 titles CDs

2007-06-04    25,000 pcs of UK edition CDs in good condition

2007-06-02    3000 sets of Pearl Harbor - The Directors Cut(brand new)

2007-06-01    20,000pc of music audio dvd,brand new,factory sealed

2007-05-30    three brand new titles with great copies

2007-04-26    2400titles,10,000pcs of cds,from new to used,from classical to metal

2007-04-13    5,000pcs of brand new CDs,electronic titles

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